UPDATE: 8/04/2020

We’re excited to announce our Limited Re-Opening has begun.

You are welcome to come for Drive-In Church,
Sundays at 9 AM on the front lawn,
(or you can slip inside to watch the stream from the sanctuary.)

If you would like to join us in the building for our limited re-opening during the 11 AM Sunday morning services, we are requesting that you wear a mask. (Masks will be provided)
Or you are welcome to watch the service on our shaded deck area via BIG screen TV.

We at Bethel Church are following the recommendations, issued by the President and the CDC, concerning gatherings.
(If you are in a risk category or care for someone who is, we ask that you follow those guidelines and practice the recommended Social Distancing and Hygiene measures. )

“The Gathering”
Night of Worship & Prayer… EVERY 4th Sunday at 6 PM…

(Get together in small groups with those near you,
or join us here at the church as we worship and pray together… United as the body of Christ.)
(You can join us via live stream from your home. )

All services at Bethel Church will be streamed live at the appointed times:
9 & 11 am Sundays /
7 pm Wednesdays.

Feel free to watch our services at any time from our YouTube Channel
or website bethelcares.com
We continue to pray for God’s Mercy and Protection,
and we ask that you join us in that as well… EVERY day at 7:14 AM & 7:14 PM
(2 Chron. 7:14).